The Beginning and the End…


My day began with four-legged creatures, two legged creatures, and who knows how many other legs.  It all started when I came into the kitchen area and saw something dark streak across my pantry floor.  I thought it was a rat.  The evidence behind the fridge and freezer indicated something much bigger than a mouse. ...

December 19th, 2011|Categories: Missions|Tags: , , |6 Comments

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Midmom and Doula

I've been rather dull with blogs lately.  It's not that there hasn't been anything going on, that's for sure!  It's just that sometimes I'm not sure what I want to put out there. I know that some of you have been aware that the Samfords, fellow missionaries, were expecting child number four.  Since it was not ...

July 3rd, 2011|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , |9 Comments

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A Little Get-Away

Every great once in a while it's very nice to be able to take a little break from daily responsibilities, wouldn't you say?  This applies to missionaries, too! Even Jesus, our perfect Lord, felt the need to go apart from the crowd and have some quiet time.  So, George and I planned a little get-away ...

June 5th, 2011|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , |5 Comments

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Life is About to Get Interesting

We've received word that Tanzania is going to have a major countrywide power rationing with no power from 8 a.m - 11 p.m. every day, from May 19-26, which means it's supposed to start tomorrow.  Of course, it is a common occurrence in this country for there to be a major difference between what is ...

May 18th, 2011|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: |4 Comments

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