It’s Tradition!

I find it enjoyable to learn about the traditions of different families.  Families have traditions for various occasions, such as when a new family member comes into the world.  Some families have special traditions to celebrate each person's birthday or graduation. Traditions, particularly family traditions, are often the threads that help keep a family woven ...

December 23rd, 2011|Categories: Family Matters, In the Kitchen|Tags: , , |1 Comment

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I’m Busy

I've not had a whole lot of time for blogging lately, and for a very good reason.  I'm enjoying some precious moments with family.  My daughter Lindsey and I have been enjoying a special trip given to us by my dear husband/her dear dad. We were able to spend two weeks with my dad and ...

December 1st, 2011|Categories: Family Matters|Tags: , |4 Comments

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Cooking For the Freezer

Today was a cooking-food-to-put-in-the-freezer day, so that the guys will have some tasty treats while Linz and I are away.  To be honest, it feels a bit strange to be getting ready for this trip.  In the 26+ years that George and I have been married, it's been a very rare occasion when I've gone ...

November 3rd, 2011|Categories: In the Kitchen|Tags: , , , |9 Comments

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From a Babe You’ve Known the Sacred Writings

One thing that I've been working on lately is a list if suggested Bible lessons/topics that parents should teach their children.  Ignorance of Bible content is not a problem limited to third world countries, such as where we currently live.  It is an increasingly world-wide challenge, as worldly pleasures compete more and more for our ...

June 9th, 2011|Categories: Chidren's Bible Class|Tags: , , |7 Comments

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