Since Lindsey and I are heading to the States for a month and will be gone for Luke’s birthday, we wanted to celebrate early.  There’s not a whole lot of options for celebrating special events here, but we’ve never exactly been ones to throw big whing-dings for stuff like that.  What we usually do is let the birthday person choose what to eat for a special meal. Since the guys just brought home the bacon hippo, Luke wanted hippo burgers. We ended up having these foods over the span of a couple of days.

Hippo Burger and Chips

Brownie Truffle Pie and Homemade Ice Cream


I found the recipe for the pie on Pinterest, but here is the original site where you can find the recipe.

Hope you all are having a great weekend and that you turned your clocks back when you were supposed to. We don’t do that here, but now we have to recalculate what time it is where you all are. 🙂