Friday’s Reflection for the Preacher’s Wife: It Takes Courage

I've been intending to pick up the pace on my blog again - meaning from having no pace at all, to writing again. Life has kept us very busy, albeit a good busy. Seeing that it's Friday, I thought I'd jump in where I left off and share some reflections for the preacher's wife. The life ...

May 31st, 2013|Categories: The Preacher's Wife||0 Comments

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Friday’s Reflection For the Preacher’s Wife: Preachers’ Kids

I grew up as a preacher's kid.  Most of the time it was not something I thought about.  Our family was - our family. When I went to Bible camp or some other special event, the label was attached to me. I didn't have a problem with it; rather, I thought it was something special ...

February 17th, 2012|Categories: The Preacher's Wife, Uncategorized||2 Comments

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Friday’s Reflection for the Preacher’s Wife: Be Your Husband’s Barnabas

As I was giving thought to what topics would be good for this series, I asked my husband if he had any suggestions.  One thing in particular that he mentioned is the need for the preacher’s wife to encourage her husband to preach the whole counsel of God, and to support him when he does ...

February 10th, 2012|Categories: The Preacher's Wife||4 Comments

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Friday’s Reflection for the Preacher’s Wife: An Oxymoron

Sometimes life as a preacher's wife feel's like an oxymoron. (Please don't leave out the oxy.)  How so, you ask?  On one hand, the opportunities for meeting new people and making friends can be greatly multiplied because of being a preacher's wife.  The preacher and his family may experience living in a variety of places.  ...

February 3rd, 2012|Categories: The Preacher's Wife||3 Comments

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