I love the smell of baking bread!  It beats the smell of our neighbor’s hogs any day. Today I decided to add a little twist to baking bread, and that was to fill bread with pieces of beef (left-overs) and some cheese, making a stuffed sandwich roll. (I guess you could say they are like hot pockets, but really, there is NO comparison to the cardboard things called “Hot Pockets” found in the freezer section of your local grocery store.)  I divided the dough into appropriate portions for individual-sized sandwich rolls.  One by one I rolled out a piece of dough, arranged a layer of meat and cheese, and then rolled them up, being careful to seal the ends and edges. After placing them on the cookie sheet, seam side down, I let them rise again and then baked them.  We each had one for supper, and I managed to put another five in the freezer.  I wonder how long they will stay there?